Onstage / Offstage

Joel Defrance from Eustache McQueer.


Down the rabbit hole

Ces & Lapin in an editzorial inspired by the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.



Descending dreams

These pictures were about taking those dreamy feelings back to reality, getting back into your body, and the contrast of those soft colours with the darkness of the night. 


The garden of Eden is a story I keep getting back to. The 2 sides to it and the image of a paradise versus the downfall inspire me a lot. For this shoot the beautiful and rough beaches and landscapes of Portugal were the perfect match.

Between myself and myself

Erebus is the personification of the deep darkness and shadows of earth. Facing yourself and changing perspectives can be difficult but sometimes necessary to create light.

Into the night

This shoot is inspired by Nyx, the goddess of the night. Belle Dommage is channeling the beauty of the dark of the night.

Noise of the new

Modern masculinity. Soft and elegant isn’t a counterpart to being strong. Clothing knows no gender. It is all in how you wear it. It is time to redefine masculinity.


Veneralia; the festival that celebrates the goddess Venus. In this series I wanted to show a modern day version of this deity. Everybody has a Venus, a sensual and feminine part, inside them that we should celebrate.

The golden age

Diamond flower campaign


(Before) The fall


Regenerate – accessories


Istanbul’s golden hour



Such a doll

The hunt


Green shifts to grey