Inspired by iconography and the mystical, I am less interested in the hard physical reality. This is why I try to create escapism to higher realms, both the light and dark. The tension between elegance and aesthetics on one side, and a haunting feeling of threat and emptiness on the other is what drives me. Showing that the two can melt together.

Emotions are central in my photography. It is a poetic translation of a dream state; an impression in feeling and colour. The unconscious does not show hard lines, things can be somewhat blurry. You need to look carefully and have an open mind before it becomes clear how the image translates to you. There is a minimalistic approach to create room for different layers of emotion.

Showing diversity is one of my goals as a photographer. That is why I love to work with people from the lgbtq+ community. I hope my photographs will spark up conversations and will help create open minds.

Ruud van Ooij

Graduate in Photographic Design of the Fotovakschool in Amsterdam (2020)

Living and working in Amsterdam.

Ruud van Ooij Amsterdam fashion and portrait photographer