Let’s talk about gender

‘Let’s talk about gender’ is about looking past the gender binary. I remember one of the portrayed people describing gender as a whole spectrum of colours, where you can’t tell where one ends and the next begins. Hopefully these portraits can help spark up some conversations about gender identity.

Colour my mind

Movie star – Belle Dommage

Movie star – Grizolda


Yearning is about gay meeting places, here shown in a park in Amsterdam. With these photo’s I wanted to show a softer side to these spots. It is not just about sex, it is about a yearning to intimacy, a yearning to be yourself. This other side to these meeting places are usually overlooked. I embroidered the images with pink thread to create the outline of men having sex. You have to look closely to see them, adding a layer of secrecy.

Echoes of emotion

‘Echoes of emotion’ is where I started with photography, taking photographs at concerts in a non-traditional way. The focus is on the emotion and colors. Often in a more abstract way.